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Python Developer (Software Engineer)

As a Python Developer the person filling this position is required to create software solutions using python and other technologies to help the automation of the measurement process in collaboration with other members or the team. At Effect we have a plethora of Test and Measurement equipment, These all interface to software so all measurements can be automated. The data acquired in this way is sent to a cloud based infrastructure for storage and analysis. The candidate will be responsible for the development of different web interfaces to facilitate and automate the testing processes by designing web-based views (Django) or windows based gui using pythonQt. 

As a Python engineer the candidate will also have a key involvement into automation, implementation development and deployment of software solutions using python frameworks and cloud solutions. As a consequence he/she will actively participate in the analysis and discussion problems with the team and find the best solution.


Job tasks

Job Tasks 

  • Develop reliable and testable Python software solutions using Django, pythonQt, Postgresql, RestApi frameworks.
  • Planning and completing projects independently and regular documentation of their progress.
  • Assist in architecting systems and applications for our Data Platform.
  • Translate business requirements into specific technical tasks.
  • Deployment of the project and issue Tracking when needed.
  • Be an active contributing part of the Scrum Team by working closely with other members and offering support for our internal engineering teams.
  • Willing and able to learn new frameworks on demand


Job Requirements

  • Broad knowledge and experience in: Service Oriented Architecture
  • Above average skills in: Relational Database Design and modelling, SQL, Postgress, NoSQL databases (could be one of Mongodb, Cassandra or Redis)
  • Excellent skills and profound knowledge in: Python, Django, DjangoRestFramework, pythonQT, Debugging
  • General knowledge of: Version Control, Cloud Platforms

Demonstrated ability to:

  • Understanding design patterns and OOP concepts
  • Large scale software design
  • Work independently
  • Deliver clean, extensible and robust code through rapid development cycles with documentation and version control.
  • Experience in: Python Testing(any testing framework; good if it was pytest), both unit test and integration testing, AWS, Scrum, building data platforms (Data engineering), Numpy, Pandas.
  • Other: Familiarity with containers (Docker), Continuous Delivery and Integration, familiarity with Linux. Solution Oriented, Celery, Rabbitmq.
  • Nice to have: Experience with frontend frameworks such as Angular or ReactJS, Experience in data visualization networks (D3js or other), Airflow, Dask
  • Degree or equivalent experience: In computer science, software engineering, system engineering, or a related engineering field.
  • Years of experience: 3 – 5 year experience in python


What do we have to offer?

  • Working in an exciting entrepreneurial environment;
  • Working on state of the art technology;
  • Being part of a very enthusiastic and highly skilled team;
  • Develop your own skills and contribute to a company that is in full development;
  • A competitive salary;
  • Stock Appreciation Rights (SAR stock program);
  • Relocation assistance.

Function details

  • Hours: 32 - 40 Hours
  • Location: 5617BC, Eindhoven, Nederland

About EFFECT Photonics B.V.

Founded in 2010, EFFECT Photonics delivers highly integrated optical communications products based on its Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) optical System-on-Chip technology.

As a spin out of the prestigious Technical University of Eindhoven, EFFECT Photonics takes a platform approach to integration using high-yielding building blocks within the wafer.  Growing different quaternary alloys of Indium Phosphide on a single wafer means that all of the active and passive optical functions of a system can be created within a single chip, which is then combined with simple packaging, designed for high-volume, low-cost manufacture from the very start.

The key enabling technology for DWDM systems is full monolithic integration of all photonic components within a single chip and being able to produce these in volume with high yield at low cost. With this capability, EFFECT Photonics is addressing the need for low cost DWDM solutions driven by the soaring demand for high bandwidth connections between datacenters and back from mobile cell towers.

EFFECT Photonics develops and delivers highly integrated optical products based on InP (Indium Phosphide) which is the material of choice for creating efficient laser light sources, waveguides, modulators, and photodiodes used in optical communication systems throughout the world.

Extensive development work and European funding has already been invested to develop and refine the processes needed for the integration of multiple optical functions within a single chip.